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June 7, 2012
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Name: Iris Chriens
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 28-29
Date of Birth: April 9th, 1886
Place of Birth: West City, Amestris
Ethnicity: 100% Amestrian
Residence: Central City, Amestris
Zodiac : Aries
• Theatre columnist (for the Central Times)
• Forensics sketch artist for the Police
• Freelance artist
Education: Elementary school, high school, 1 year of study in psychology


Height: 5'4" / 1,65 m
Weight: 123,46 lbs / 56 kg
Hair: Black hair, wavy, long and thick, often tied in a bun. She has a tiny bald spot between her two front locks.
Eyes: Gray-brown eyes. She has a central heterochromia.
Skin: Caucasian ; pinkish and quite pale. Seems particularly smooth and soft to the touch. No scar, no tattoos or anything on it.
Body Type:  Pear shape ; normal breast, slim waist, wide hips and bottom, rather short legs. She has a proud posture and holds her head up high.
Style: Her style is elegant and feminine. Usually she wears dresses in pastel tones and heeled shoes.
• Makeup: She wears red lipstick and uses light makeup on her eyes and face.
• Jewelry: Mother of pearl earrings, necklace and/or bracelet.
Others: Very thin eyebrows.


Evan Chriens (1859, father)
He is a peaceful man who cares about the comfort and the harmony of his family. He has a strong tendency ignore what's bothering him. In the end, he sometimes handles the situations poorly when he is confronting the reality of things. He leads a notary's office in West City.
He was married twice, first to Fallon Chayet, and the second to Ivanna Chriens.

Fallon Chayet (1861, mother)
She's an intelligent woman who works as an art critic. She is of great intellectual curiosity, and she likes change and travel, which can sometimes conflict with her mother status and the stable situation that she wants to offer her daughters. She is very demanding about the education of her children, whom she holds more than anything else.
She is divorced from Evan Chriens, and is currently married to Gabriel Chayet.

Gabriel S. Chayet (1852, step-father)
Born in 1852, he is a jovial and playful man, with great charisma. He is an ethnologist, passionate about his work and particularly interested in foreign cultures. He traveled from 1891 to 1896 to study Aerugan and Xingese civilizations. He comes from a family of rich merchants who prospered in New optain in the 40's, and inherited his fortune to the premature death of his parents. He tried to invest in various areas when he was younger to grow his fortune, but he soon abandoned because he had no talent for business.
He is married to Fallon Chayet.
His middle name is Samuel.

Ivanna Chriens (1863, step-mother)
Born in 1863, she married Evan Chriens. She is the daughter of a couple of immigrants from Drachma (maiden name is Popovski). She has always been a secretary in the notary office of her husband, and (in love with him for a long time) started to date him after his divorce. She has a love for and an overwhelming jealousy about her husband, and she cannot accept that he had a daughter from a previous marriage.

Elliott Chriens (1891, half-brother)
He is the son of Ivanna and Evan Chriens. He has always been overprotected by his mother, but got tired of this at the end of his adolescence and subsequently moved near Central after finishing his studies. He unconsciously sought to oppose in all points to the character of his mother, and he is very balanced, with extraordinary coolness. Nevertheless, he is not very open-minded and sometimes lacks spontaneity (although that changes when he is closer to people). This is a very ambitious young man, who was hired in 1914 as a manager in a banking company. He has little interest in romantic relationships he may have, as he places his work before anything else.

Clara Chriens (1895, half-sister)
She is the second child of Ivanna and Evan Chriens. She is a beautiful young woman, very energetic and carefree, to whom nothing special ever happened. She looks a lot like her father and plans to work in his notary office, then take the lead when he retires.

Susan A. Chayet (1895, half-sister)
She is the daughter of Fallon and Gabriel Chayet. She was born in Aerugo, one year before the return of her parents to Amestris. She is a dreamy girl, who has, like Iris, a great culture and a very good education, thanks to their mother. She is already engaged to a man and she is pregnant. Her parents was struggling to accept this situation before meeting their son-in-law, but it turns out that he is a very fine young man. For now, she still lives with her parents, and sees herself as housewife in the future.
Her middle name is Annabeth.


Sybil Forester (best friend)


General Description:

Polite and very respectable, she is a young woman who pays attention to her appearance. She carries her head with distinction and wears a smile in all circumstances. It may sound arrogant, but in truth she adopts this attitude to reassure herself about her old fear of appearing ridiculous. She separates her social relationships into two parts: interesting people, and everyone else. She is demanding about the people she wants to be with and is very biased in her judgments of values: she considers the people she meets after a bit of time, observing their behavior and their words. She is as much concerned about the proper behavior of others as her own, and appreciates people who have the same values as her on this point.

She has an eloquence and a composure which allow her to lie and hide her emotions (in general), but she never wanted to abuse this ability. Also, she is kind and loyal to her friends, and has a particular tact towards them. She doesn't like conflict and is conciliating with them, and forgives easily. But in some cases (especially when she is in love) she can idealize a person she is attached to and still be happy at the same time - by refusing to see reality.

She is insightful and intelligent enough, and has a great culture in spite of her age - thanks to her mother, who has attached great importance to her education, as well as her own interest in it. She has some knowledge in painting, philosophy, history, and also in psychology, which gives her a nuanced view of the world in which she lives and an assurance that only exacerbates her opinions. She studied a bit of foreign language, but only out of intellectual curiosity, because she does not like leaving Central for traveling. Indeed, she is attached to a well-set pace of life, because it gives her the impression that she knows what her future has in store for her. But that does not mean that she fears change: she is an intuitive young woman, who takes control of the means to choose the changes in her life. She takes the initiative to improve her life when she perceives an opportunity. However, she enjoys living from day to day, with not much motivations/ambitions for the future…


• Refined
• Tactful
• Conciliatory
• Phlegmatic
• Insightful
• Eloquent

Major Flaws:

• Biased: She has specific criteria that she uses when judging people, which in turn determine the standards of the charismatic people that she would like to rub shoulders with: politeness, assurance, and subtlety of thought. She absolutely doesn't seek to know people with other personality types, and sticks to a very formal relationship with these "insignificant" individuals.

• Secretive: Given her past history and the problems that she has had, she does not disclose things easily and hates to flaunt her emotions in public. She shines far more often thanks to her intelligence, her culture, or even her humor, all of which reveal her more "human" side. She has a tendency to minimize her feelings, to herself or when she confides in someone (other than feelings of love, joy, and happiness), as she considers it indecent to flaunt them.

• Superficial: It's her old fear of ridicule that induced this fault in her. She integrated in herself codes to follow in society, a presence to have, a smiling expression, etc…And as a result, she distorts herself little by little. She has become a snob, as well as very conventional.

• Sure of her opinions: When someone talks to her about a subject that she has already studied before with a view different from hers, she is convinced that she is right and uses her wit to prove it…which can quickly make the discussion very annoying. She becomes humiliated when proven wrong, and then becomes a hypocrite – trying to minimize her previous determination, and instantly becoming of the same opinion as her conversation partner.

Minor Flaws:

• Snobbish
• Conventional
• Luxury tastes
• Fussy


• Arts: She is an aesthetic person who knows and appreciates the beauty of art, and regularly attends art exhibitions, concerts, theaters (...)
• Psychology: She is interested in human psychology, which is often dark and complicated, always full of surprises. If she had not been good at art, she would have pursued her studies in psychology.
• Learning a rich and accurate vocabulary: She is under the spell of the magic of words: their beauty, diversity, the nuances they bring to phrases ... And as a columnist, she enjoys playing with words.
• Politeness, self-assurance, subtlety: These are the qualities she likes best in an individual (at least at first sight).
• Tearooms: She loves the peaceful and romantic atmosphere of this kind of place. She sometimes comes to them for drawing or writing.
• Cigarette smell: Because her parents both smoke, she likes the smell of cigarettes, which is familiar to her (especially the smell of the brand Tobaccy).
• Champagne and good restaurants: Although she doesn't have a very fine palate, she appreciates what is recognized as luxury goods. She loves to indulge on occasion by going to a famous restaurant or by having a glass of champagne / of good wine. But fast food pleases her too...!

Dislikes :

• Lazy mornings : Her day starts well if she gets up before seven o'clock in the morning: she hates to waste time sleeping more than necessary.
• Wool: She does not like large-mesh wool; it causes her terrible itching...
• Rudeness, stupidity: She cannot accommodate such people, whose manners are too different from hers.
• Xingese food: At her stepfather's manor, the cook is Xingese, and he mostly prepared Xingese meals : this culinary experience has definitely made her give up this type of cuisine – It's too exotic for her taste.
• Dogs: They are dirty animals.
• Her neighbors: There is a couple in their forties that has the bottom apartment, and who have three very boisterous children...
• Travel: She does not like shoving away her lifestyle and leaving her comfort for travelling.


• Fear of appearing ridiculous: She has had this fear ingrained in her since childhood. This reflects a lack of confidence in herself, but it has a tendency to subside over time.
• Fear of being overtaken: She loves her current lifestyle, and was afraid of one day losing control of what happens to her, in finding herself confronted with the unfortunate hazards of life.
• Fear of conflict: She dreads disputes with her close relations, and it is from this fear that she derives her tact and conciliatory attitudes.
• Fear of drowning: She never approaches a large body of water because she never learned to swim and has a visceral fear of drowning.


• Theater
• Embroidery


She is able to draw fairly realistic portraits from a description.
She writes well.
She has the basics in the field of photography.

Fun facts:

She takes care of her things very well, which allows her to keep them for a long time (jewelry in particular).
She wears glasses for reading/drawing.
She often fiddles with something when she is concentrating very hard (her hair, a pen...).
She wears jasmine perfume.
She sometimes suffers from ophtalmic migraines.
She's easily cold.
She prefers sleeping on the right side of the bed.


Iris was born in a clinic in West City as the first and only daughter of Fallon and Evan Chriens. Born into a bourgeois family pretty wealthy, her father runs a notary office in the city center while her mother works as an art critic. Frequently traveling to Central for her work, her mother has little presence in their home. The situation causes much tension between the couple, and degenerates completely after Iris's 4th year, when Fallon asks for a divorce. She chooses to leave her husband for Gabriel Chayet, with whom she has a passionate affair - which, again, leaves little room for her daughter.

Thus, when the Chriens couple separates, it is Evan who receives Iris. He also remarried in stride, to his enterprising office secretary, Ivanna Popovski (who becomes pregnant only two months later). Concerned about the fate of his daughter, Swann wants to offer Iris the most stable situation possible. Unfortunately, the aggressive and possessive character of Ivanna  does not allow this: quickly, she begins to subject Iris to mental harassment as far away from her father as possible, out of the desire to make herself and their baby, the little Elliott, the center of Evan's life.

Anxious not to worry and disappoint her father, who firmly believes that everything is for the best at home, Iris develops a great ability to conceal her emotions and to look good when among family. However, her fate does not leave her unscathed and has an effect on her behavior with other children, among whom she can't get a place. With concerns too different from theirs, she doesn't have the same mindset as her comrades, and is constantly rejected. Often mocked by other children, she begins to develop catagelophobia – the fear of ridicule.

During the period that extends from her 7th to 13th years, she maintains a correspondence with her mother, who is traveling abroad with her new husband. The young Iris had never felt sadness when Fallon had left and instead bears her great affection, while continuing to think that she is the best mother that she could have hoped to have.

This is how she chooses to pack and go live with her mother in New Optain, when she tells her of her next return to Amestris. She is 14 years old by then. Swann is very affected by this decision, but doesn't stand up long to the will of his daughter; and so Iris went to live in the family mansion of her stepfather.

So begins for Iris a new life; she is welcomed with open arms by the Chayet family (recently enlarged by the birth of her half-sister, Susan – who was born the same year as the second daughter of Swann and Ivanna Chriens, Clara). No longer having any relationship with her stepmother, she feels free from her problems.

She goes to a private school in West City. Her mother keeps a close eye on her studies and doesn't hesitate to complete her education, especially by talking of art and sometimes by taking her with her to Central to see exhibitions of paintings. It is thanks to the visit to a particularly splendid gallery (representing only penciled portraits of women) that Iris has a click, and she also decided to try to draw. She turns out quite well in this direction, but mostly shows an impressive devotion to wanting to learn.

The only downside during the period of her adolescence is a weight gain that again makes her feel bad about herself. More and more, she fears the judgment of others, and is very closed toward people her age. To overcome this malaise, she begins to wear jewelry, makeup, and conscientiously choose her wardrobe…

20 years old, she begins her studies: She plans to become a psychologist, having always been interested in this field. However, she doesn't spend enough time at her homework because of being too involved in her drawing practice, and fails her exams. Finally, she decides to try her luck as a freelance artist. Financially supported by her family, she moved to Central City – in the northern district of the city, where most of her expenses are covered by the pension paid to her each month by her stepfather.

She begins her career with small contracts left and right: she draws postcards, posters…The money she earns by herself is often used for recreation, especially the theater that she attends every week.

In her city life, she learns to mingle better with others, and begins to classify people into two categories: "people of interest," and "other." But she meets several people with whom she becomes friends. She also begins to frequent several men…

Gradually, she gets more regular work contracts. After contacting some newspapers, she manages to get paid to write weekly columns about the plays presented in Central. She is 28 years old and almost financially independent – She has just recently finished paying off her apartment. Thanks to her mother's influence as an art critic, she got a little notoriety in some circles of the city, and frequently receives painting orders from aristocratic families who want family paintings. Finally, she is contacted by Central City Police, with whom she collaborates in designing the portraits of wanted criminals…

Iris met Kimblee on a train which was linking Briggs to Central-City, in the fall of 1914.

The scene would takes place in the FMA manga (or the Brotherhood anime) when Kimblee comes back from the North after have caused the massacre on the border between Amestris and Drachma.

They sit face to face during the journey. Iris comes back from a marriage of a friend in North-City. The first contact is created when Kimblee helps her to put her suitcase on the luggage rack, after which they keep talking together.

At the very first glance, she found him rather good-looking and distinguished, but of a certain coldness. After a few minutes spent in his company, Iris judged Kimblee as being a man worthy her attention.

- "What made her fall in love with Kimblee?":
On the one side Iris is a superficial woman, so she certainly was charmed by Kimblee's good manners and his appearance, being rather good-looking. But she is also an intelligent woman who likes talking ; and in him she found somebody very intelligent (probably more so than herself) with whom she would be able to discuss things for hours without getting bored. That's probably what made her fall in love with him.

Iris has never knew that Kimblee died during the Promised Day.

She gets married around 1918, with a comedian. They have a child together and she lives a happy family life.
Updated profile for the sophomore's project of :iconfullmetal-oc-academy:

Thanks to :iconsianaithnid: who is the best beta-reader on the planet ;-;
Thanks to *Erro-meatbun and ~Escartias too :3
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Envysgirl86 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
the family seems interesting its funny I gave Kimblee and Kendra kids, and one of the boys has a crush on iris too bad she is too mature for him
Ade-AndaRio Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
About Iris story, always surprised me as Fallon seemed to put her own interests before those of her daughter, whether traveling too in Iris childhood as well as taking her own time to start a relationship with her ​​second husband, and leave her daughter outside. That's good because you see that the character is not perfect. But I was always surprised that Iris didn't blame her or reproach nothing to her although later Fallon take charge of her education. I think that wouldn't compensate all things her daughter suffered and experienced since she was not there when Iris needed her, and Fallon (apparently) only thought of herself. Seems to be a a little cool mother, right?
Am I wrong about all this?
I've always wondered about all this since I knew this story.
Ciorane Featured By Owner May 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, what you say is right!
You see, Iris is not reproaching anything to her mother because she is a person who really live in the present. She doesn't want to carry her bad memories and she prefers to start with a clean slate.
Moreover she saw the fact that her mother came back in Amestris and start to take care of her as a release from the situation of permanent conflict she had when she was living at her father's home. When she arrived at her mother's home she was far too happy to blame her for anything.
She could have eventually blame the selfishness of her mother later, but when you live happily, you just don't want to mess it by old gripes. - Which means that indeed, Iris has thought how her life would have been if her mother have been with her in the first part of her childhood et cetera. But at the end she has accepted the fact that it happened this way, and is in peace with it.
Ade-AndaRio Featured By Owner May 20, 2013
I see, she has the kind of thinking of a person who has been abused psychologically, right? I guess she would think something like "I have a better life now, so I can only be grateful". Although that's a little sad, everything is very well thought out and prepared, and I like that. Also I know a friend who suffered something similar, with which I find Iris situation very realistic. Even I know there are mothers who don't express the same affection with children born of failed marriages, focusing more on those children who are born of man who really love.
I just hope that Fallon compensated her daughter very well for all, and apologized to her too because although Iris, as you said, is not reproach her anything, it would be very hypocritical from Fallon's part acting as if nothing had happened.
Nice explanation, Aude.
KatyaWhite Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
It is a pity that at the end of Iris married not for Kimbley ((
The story is very pleased)) A feeling that your character was in the FMA, in the rear plane.Hotelos even read fanfic Pairing with Kimblee / Iris
Ciorane Featured By Owner May 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ahah, well, I'm glad you like IrisxKimblee :)
That's right, it would have been sweet to have them married etc but I don't want to change the story of the manga. Their story has more credibility this way I think.
Err, otherwise I don't understand the last line of your comment <D sorry
KatyaWhite Featured By Owner May 9, 2013
Excuse me, I just do not know much English, and all translate through Google Translator, and he sometimes does not correctly translate ((I myself am Russian
And I honestly like the Homunculus Envy)) I also have a heroine, but she is only on paper ((I do not know how to draw on the computer
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I'm a Iris fan! :D
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